The Top Hotels of Durban

The city of Durban has won innumerable awards and accolades for its mesmerizing sightseeing options which lure tourists and travelers from all around the globe. The city is marked with classic landmarks, towering skyscrapers, idyllic shoreline and the perfect hem of sand which offers the perfect indulgence for the beach enthusiasts.

The city in the recent years has become the perfect unwinding spot for many from all around the globe. Owing to its magnanimous attributes, flashy hotspots and classy excursions which allow you some timeless memories, the city of Durban hosts hundreds of thousands of well heeled tourists and travelers each year to its doorstep. Here we have combined a list of some of the most luxurious hotels at Durban, so get your cheap tickets to Durban now.

Beverly Hills Hotel Durban South Africa

The Beverly Hills Sun:

Top notch crowds, upscale accommodation amenities, rich scenic setting, plush bedding and other countless options are the reason why thousands of local and international discerning travelers make their way each year to this luxury hotel. The Beverly Hills Sun is the epitome of grandeur, lavishness and luxury which would leave you instantly fall in love with it. The personalized services and the cutting edge amenities might not want you to leave your hotel. The floor to ceiling crystal clear windows allow you breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean. From fitness center to Squash Courts, the hotel has your fitness regime on top priority.

Endless Horizon Hotel Durban South Africa

Endless Horizon Hotel:

The name speaks for itself. The Endless Horizon Hotel has some of the most luxurious accommodations and options available for those who like to live it up truly. For all those tourists and travelers with a knack towards elegance and class, the Endless Horizon Hotel will leave you instantly overwhelmed. The five star luxury boutique hotel with its dark wood mahogany interior, marble works, aromatic lobbies and mystique crystal chandeliers will make you wish for time to stop.

The luxury hotel also has a hospitable hotel staff / concierge which goes beyond the call of duty to make everything available for you. Personalized gym services, grooming sessions, holistic Spa, sauna, swimming pools, business centers and a wide range of culinary hedonism is all what makes it completely worth it. The well proportioned rooms exhibit technological advancements on every click and are laced with some of the finest technology, so book your cheap flights to South Africa now.

The Royal Hotel Durban South Africa

The Royal Hotel:

Plush business centers, exquisite gastronomic excursions and majestic shopping venues, the Royal hotel actually makes you feel like a royalty. Here you are surrounded in innumerable options and amenities which will leave you compeltey absorbed in the place.

The palatial lobby settings marked with crystal chandeliers, lightwork, futuristic furniture and a hotel concierge with the upright Yes Sir! attitude makes you want to drool over the place. From airport shuttle to stellar views of the entire city, the Colonial African styled hotel is a must visit, so get your bargain airfare deals now.

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