Harlem Shake Dance in Mid Air

A new dance sensation appearing in dozens of You Tube videos is the Harlem Shake, giving Gangnam Style a run for their money. This dance routine was done 30,000 feet in mid air.

This incident happened on a Frontier flight on its way from Denver to San Diego. The dance routine of the Harlem Shake was set by a group of Colorado College Students who were in their way to San Diego for an ultimate Frisbee tournament.

The Harlem Shake amongst the top ten iTunes down load at the moment. It is also the number 1 song on the Billboard Hot 100 for the second week in a row. This does seem to be a very entertaining event but the FAA disapproves of it and is investigating into this event. As this violates the safety issues on board the flight.

Frontier Airlines in defense have said that all safety measures were followed. Even the students say that they had approval from the flight crew to perform this dance.

After the plane landed the video was posted online.

For the FAA and some other pilots this event seems to be a very ludicrous and an unsafe thing to do, but for most this new dance sensation is the ultimate hit to set new barriers to the dance moves and where it is to be performed.

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