The Captivating Extravaganza: Las Fallas Festival, Spain


Las Fallas Festival Valencia Spain

Very famous for being the birth place of paella, Valencia- an amazing and mind blowing Spanish city is also very famous for fireworks, pageantry and the delightful papier-mâché models that take over the city during the magical and breath-taking Las Fallas festival. The festival is always staged in the month of March and this year it has been taking place from 15th to 19th March and thus a large variety of all those travelers who capture cheap flights to Spain are super excited about this upcoming 4-days celebration and extravaganza. Although the festival is centuries old but it still attracts every single tourist who flies to Valencia.

“Fallas” is a Spanish word, but actually the Falles is the traditional celebration that is held in the beautiful and tempting city of Valencia in commemoration of Saint Joseph. It refers to both the monuments (that were built during the festival) and the celebration that lasts for couple of days. The Casal faller ( a large group of people) works all year long for this great grand festival that catches the eye of the world and forces all the adventurous and thrilling people to get away from the busy life and search for the airfare to Valencia, Spain.

It’s a continuous party that features multitude of processions- comedic, religious and historical as well. Explosions are heard everywhere and the crowds from every single part of the city spill out into the streets. From elderly gentlemen to small child, everyone gets busy in making noise and throwing fireworks- a big surprise and astonishment for all the foreigners and tourists.

Valencia Fallas Festival Celebrations Spain

The various astonishing and tempting highlights of the festival are La Despertà (“the wake Up Call”, every single day of the celebration begins with La Desperta at 8 o’ clock in the morning. The Brass Bands march down in all the areas play live music), La Mascletà ( the explosive barrage of coordinated fireworks and firecrackers display is another celebration that takes place at 2:00 pm), La Plantà (All of the falles infantils are to be completed and finished), L’Ofrena floral( taking an offering of flowers to Saint Mary is the major part of this event, this normally takes place between 17th and 18th March.

The Saint Mary’s statue is all blanketed with flowers), Els Castells and La Nit del Foc ( a major firework display during the nights from 15th to 18th of March in the old riverbed is the part of this event. Every forth-coming night is just superb and the last one is called as the Night of Fire) and La Cremà (the climax of the complete event “the burning” or the crema- the falles are burnt. The people gather in streets and dance and the whole region echoes with loud sounds). There are plenty of packages and deals for all those tourists who come here from UK. So this time get ready to live life to its fullest and search cheap Flights for Valencia.

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