A Trip to the Grand Parks in Madrid, Spain

If you’re looking for a fun vacation in Spain and want to enjoy the true beauty, culture and history of the country, do visit Madrid and you’ll surely have a blast. Renowned as Spain’s major tourist attraction and its capital city, Madrid is undoubtedly ranked as a happening metropolis with multifarious sites, restaurants, clubs, shopping malls, historic museums and grand architectural master pieces. Out of its numerous bounties welcoming its guests as well as the inhabitants, Madrid’s parks are a major strike. Beautifully maintained, lavishly decorated and generously spacious; these parks are a perfect spot for a relaxing and romantic time out. If a peace of mind is what you’re craving for, take a look at how some of these gardens can help you fulfill your desires once you’re in the city.

Jardín Botánico

Jardin Botanico is by far the most diversified botanical garden in the vicinity of Madrid City, containing more than 30,000 different species of trees and plants known to the entire world. The entrance to the garden is marked by Glorieta de Murillo and the Prado Museum standing right besides it. Along with maintaining a perfectly soothing outlook, the garden has all its trees and plants labeled by their Latin names and species to help the visitors have an insight into the origin of these natural wonders. This place is a must visit and is ranked as “Wonderful Relaxing Area” by most visitors that have already gained the pleasure of being here.

Parque del Retiro:

The largest and the most astounding parks maintained by Madrid is the Retiro Park which offers you peace along with numerous eye catching marvels. The garden hosts massive 130 hectares of woodland which form a green hub rich in trees (having more than 15.000 trees) placed in the center of a bitumen sea. The park offers a number of gateways opening in different areas of the city including the Plaza de la Independencia, the

Calle de Alcalá, the Calle de O’Donnell, and the Calle de Alfonso XII. Statues and figures made from White stone are perfectly placed along with the lofty trees to present a showcase of beauty and style. Moreover, an artificial lake flows along the sides with rented boasts flowing in it, providing a sailing view of the park. The park has divided its area into many specialties such as the rose garden and the Cecilio Rodríguez gardens. Many secluded corners are decorated for a perfect date or a romantic meet up. At times the Park also hosts various art and painting festivals to add even more glory to it. Undoubtedly, this place is no less than a fairy land.

Casa de Campo

Spread over a vast 4000 acres Casa de Campo is a far stretched garden located on the right bank of the Manzanares River residing to the west of Madrid. This park is famous for its swimming and tennis facilities along with the most likable Rowboats trip of the park  To the south of the park, there lies its twin attraction: The Parque Zoológico or Zoo and Parque de Attractions. Every year this park entertains a crowd of tourists and visitors.

Parque Quinta Funte del Berro

If you’re fond of a fresh and cozy environment with not many disturbances around you, then go for this one. Even though small, the park has everything that can relax your mind and give you a chance to breathe free. Crisscrossed with outlined pathways and studded with beauteous flowers, the area provides a stunning sight.

The city of Madrid boast countless more gardens and parks but while you’re on a tour to the city, the ones mentioned here are a must visit.

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