My Mom’s travel tips – flights to Australia

Whenever my mother left house she always said “do no play with fire, do not touch the wires or sockets, do not open door for strangers, do not make unnecessary or prank calls, do not go out”. It was so often that even though I am in mid thirties, I still remember each single word she said. The instructions became stricter when I was to leave for study in Australia. I was 19 on my first flight. But the tips she gave me always work:

  1. Don’t you just buy the first flight you see, I know you are eager to go but check first, shop around and do not settle for anything less than the cheapest flights to Australia.
  2. Don’t be shy to bargain. You are not a land lord. No harm in asking for a better deal or the low cost flights. Why pay more when you can get it in less.
  3. It’s going to be a long flight from London to Australia, don’t mind if there is a changeover. At least you will get time to straighten your legs; also the indirect return flights to and from Australia are cheaper.
  4. Do not sac all your money in one place. Divide it in four quarters and keep them all at different places. Waist bag and front pockets are better options. Leave a quarter in your baggage. Use a safety pin to buckle your wallet in the back pocket while going to crowded areas or markets.
  5. It’s a flight after all; you can spare your best buys till you reach the Australian beaches. Wear something comfy at the flights. Keep your feet comfortable, good feet make happy you.
  6. Don’t be rude to strangers but avoid leaving details about you in every nook and corner of the city.
  7. Not every taxi is a “Taxi” be careful and do not accept rides from strangers.
  8. God forbid, if you are mugged give your wallet, still 3 quarters of your money will be safe. But do not try and be a hero. Resistance is more dangerous sometimes.
  9. Don’t eat too much on the flight. Don’t take food from strangers either. Keep antibiotics, pain killers and a little bit of first aid with you.
  10. Be nice and responsible. Have fun in a decent way so you can make nice memories.

Initially, a bucket full of advices, not to do this or not to do that, kept me annoyed. I was a teen than, it seemed too much pressure. But when my luggage arrived a day later, the importance of dividing the money seemed more important. I never had any incident of losing my wallet, neither had to run to pharmacies for antibiotics as I caught flu a day after arrival. It’s always not about what you do but how you do it. Lastly, booking last minute flights to Australia proved time saving and cheaper too.

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