Travel New Zealand : Palmerston North – a perfect city for prefect holidays!

If you think that Auckland has more rainfall, Hamilton is too frosty and Wellington is more windy….God has given you Palmerston North! It’s a city so prefect, so balanced and so ideal that once you visit it you will keep coming back and back again.

It takes only around an hour and five minutes to fly from Auckland to Palmerston North New Zealand. How to get cheap flights to Auckland? Simple, either book too early for an “early bird” offer or wait until last minute cheap flights to New Zealand are announced at really exquisitely cheaper airfares.

Palmerstone North is a truly exciting destination and very few are fortunate to experience such splendor, beauty and serenity at one of the world’s most perfect destination for holidays. To define, Palmerstone is colorful, vibrant, lively and a thriving city, that will remain in your memories for a long, long time. It is a representative of the 21st century progressed, flourished and buoyant economy of New Zealand.

Like other regions in the country, the people of Palmerston are polite, friendly and welcoming with genuine smiles. Some say, it’s the climate that keeps them cool throughout the year. The life style here is simple and opens door for everyone to experience the true essence of a New Zealand city, culture and traditions.

Apart from being a perfect and beautiful piece of highly blessed land, Palmerston offers a wide range of exciting activities, sports, events, festivals and all that you can expect from a perfect city you have ever imagined to visit.

Palmerston is specially favored by most tourists by dint of its matchlessly pleasant climate. According to international standards you can call it mild, less rain fall and slightly, very mildly warm. River Manawatu is one of the most famous and most visited places in Palmerston. A bird wildlife park and the largest collection of oldest time pieces from all around the world make your trip interesting and informative.

The city is known as a vibrant city, by dint of its active and large student population.  Located at the foot of Tararua Mountain range, Palmerston also provides excellent opportunities for adventure seekers. Cross Hill Gardens and Heritage Park are also on top of the places to see list for many. Other than that, food, culture and traditions are evidently prevailing in the food courts, restaurants, café’ and heritage park Palmerston New Zealand.

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