Five Concrete Reasons to Plan a Holiday in Phuket

Five concrete reasons to plan a holiday in phuket beaches


Marvelous marble floored shores draining deep into the turquoise blue ocean is absolutely the main reason for which people come from poles apart to camp in Phuket for their holidays.

The beaches are found clean for relaxing, so you can just lay on these white sandy granules to absorb the cosmic rays of the sun and get healthy tan from the majestic Sun God. Get an aromatic oil massage from the spa stores in the beach road or pay a few bucks to the professionals that are found sitting on the shores to get a soothing body massage.

Beaches also grant you with lots of entertaining and adventure stuffs. Slide on the waves by surfing or kayaking on the wavy rugs, swim along with the tides to enjoy the freshness of the mighty ocean or try to pump your adrenaline by performing other interesting stuffs such as para boarding, paragliding, snorkeling, scuba diving and water rafting. There are also other interesting rides such as the motor boat rides, catamaran rides, cruising, speed boat rides, etc. where enjoyment is never experienced less.

Beaches also do you a favor by treating you with the gastronomic seafood menus that are freshly prepared according to the needed spice level and served hot.

Five concrete reasons to plan a holiday in phuket markets


Whether it’s wet fresh markets, or shopping markets or food markets, Phuket is the best. Buy souvenirs for your folks at hometown at the cheapest price ever, and in deed some goodies for yourself as t-shirts, jeans, shoes and other accessories are found at an extremely cheap price here. Fresh fruits and seafood can also be bought from the fresh markets. Eat healthy and fresh!

Five concrete reasons to plan a holiday in phuket sea foods

Street Food

Street food is another important reason for which most of the neighboring citizens march towards the blue island Phuket. Eat like a king but along the streets and enjoy all the local cuisines of the nation. Phuket being surrounded by water all the sides seafood dishes like shrimps, octopuses and fishes are found in abundance.

Wats & Temples

This would be another factor attracting more vacationers. The incense lighted, the sacred Buddha idols found in the temple premises, the strong beliefs, the monk’s preaches and most importantly the stunning architecture of the worship centers grab people towards these attractions.

Five concrete reasons to plan a holiday in phuket


Is accommodation a solid reason for holidaying in Phuket? Yes of course because stay options are found in both contrasts – for the luxurious travelers as well as backpackers. Stay in a convenient location by just paying a few dollars. Sugar Palm Grand Hill Side Resort is one among the few best resorts in the island where you can stay for less and in deed enjoy more benefits such as Wi-Fi internet, park lot, shuttle services, reformation facilities and all other amenities in the room.

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