The Majestic War Memorial of Korea and other Exciting Attractions

Seoul officially the Seoul Special City is a thriving metropolis which accommodates people from all kinds of backgrounds offering an array of exciting recreational, entertainment and shopping excursions which lures thousands of local and international tourists each year. The city has topped various listings and is considered amongst the top planned cities in the world where there is something to do for everyone.

While at Seoul you would never run out of options and would be left completely absorbed and mesmerized in the plethora of enticing attractions. The city is marked with a favorable climate, enchanting landmarks, scenic grandeur and an extremely hospitable populace which constitute this behemoth city.

The city features a frenetic lifestyle where everybody is busy minting money even in these times of economic turmoil. The city of Seoul offers vibrant attractions where there is a dearth of recreational, shopping and dining options available catering exclusively to the needs of each of the distinguished traveler, so book your cheap flights to Seoul now.

Dongdaemun Market Seoul South Korea

IF you truly wish to feel the fast paced life of Seoul then heading to the Dongdaemun Market may just be the right place to head out to. Here you would witness an eclectic fusion of culture, art, spirituality, shopping and other things which are simply inconceivable and mind blowing. The staggering number of shops is 30,000 and its simply like a labyrinth. The market is so huge that if you don’t find a thing you are looking for then chances are that probably it won’t exist.

Seoul is a beguiling city with a rich cultural and historical heritage which has lured thousands of ecological tourists and historians from all around the globe. Head to one of the most significant and historical landmarks of the War Memorial of Korea which chronicles the turbulent history and relics of the past which will help enlighten you and relive the endurance possessed by this strong nation. Here you would see some wonderful exhibits, sculptures and artifacts depicting the blemishes of the past which are now a part of the rich history of South Korea.

War Memorial of Korea Seoul Exterior view

Here you can head with the entire family and have a great time. Even spending half a day might be a great option for those with a strong inclination towards history and military warfare. For those shopping enthusiasts and who wish to head out to a state of the art facility equipped with cutting edge technology where you can eat, shop and enjoy at the same time should definitely head to the COEX Mall which features some over 800 restaurants giving you a wide range of culinary hedonism.

A multiplex showing the latest movies, above 300 commercial shops which are retail legends offering some great Korean souvenirs, merchandise, clothing, shoes, perfumes, watches and other lifestyle products which you can lay hands on great rates. It would be advisable to come here wearing comfortable shoes so that you can enjoy your spree without any limitations as the mall is actually quite huge.

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