An Exciting Trip to Rizal Park, Manila

Luneta Park or the Rizal Park is one of the most notable and significant destination of Philippines that draws the attention of plenty of locals and also multitudes of other tourists who take cheap flights to Manila. The place lies in close vicinity to the ancient wall city and has been acting as one of the best-loved and darling destination of Manila, since many years. It is one amazing and captivating destination for unwinding and gatherings and serves as a gleaming urban oasis for Sundays, picnics and holidays.

Rizal Monument is the soul of the park- it is bronze-and-granite monument that draws the attention of a large variety of locals as well as foreigners. It not only represents the statue but also symbolizes the untiring efforts of a national hero. The Philippine patriot José Rizal who was also a poet and writer dedicated his life for Philippines and this monument was erected to pay him tribute and honor.

Rizal Park Monument Manila Philippines

The Independence Flagpole also lies here- it is the highest flag pole of the country that features a height of almost 107 meters. The pole takes you to a voyage of history, when on July 4, 1946, Philippines was declared independent. Quirino Grandstand is also located in close area -it was built for the occasion by Juan M. Arellano. Many events have taken place in this grand park- the popular ones are Philippine Centennial, International Missionary Day,  2005 Southeast Asian Games and the X World Youth Day 1995 .

Basically the park is categorized in 3 different sections-Quirino Grandstand  and Roxas Boulevard  is located in Western Section and this area covers the land area of almost 10 hectares, the Central Section covers the area of approximately 22-hectare and the Eastern section houses the National Museum of the Filipino People and the Department of Tourism. There are plenty of activities that can be performed here; the most significant one is Kali/Eskrima/Filipino Martial Arts.

There are many other amazing points of interests that will definitely inspire you. Some of the most magnetic and notable ones are Relief map of the Philippines , Orchidarium and Butterfly Pavilion, National Museum of the Philippines, National Library of the Philippines, Museum of the Filipino People, Manila Planetarium, Manila Ocean Park , Lapu-Lapu Monument, Kilometer Zero, Japanese Garden, Diorama of Rizal’s Martyrdom, Concert at the Park and Chinese Garden.

The park has also gone through major renovations in 2011; the aim was to restore the various elements of the park. The renovation included rehabilitation of an antiquated musical dancing fountain and the restoration of Flower Clock has also been carried out. The place has also been featured in many shows like the The Amazing Race 5 and MMOPPG, the massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

Apart from these few allurements and the fantastic spots of the park, there is a lot more that will tempt you so get ready and pack up your belongings for heading towards Manila.

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