Glossiest Hotspots in Phuket

For its plethora of beach entertainment options, Phuket is a must head destination in the region where you can do everything you have ever wished for. Brace yourself for some of the raucous parties at Patong, Karon and Kata which will blow your mind for its sizzling liquor collection, sex themed bars, beachfront villas encircled in the awe inspiring geographical majesty it is surrounded in. While at Phuket you are always left to make some striking choices on where to stay, so book your cheap flights to Phuket now. Here is a list of must-do’s while at Phuket;

Seafood Phuket, Thailand

Seafood Hotspots:

Phuket is renowned for its Seafood dining options. So far all of you seafood enthusiasts get ready to treat your appeitite with some fresh sea catch made with the finest affection and expertise of the local Phuket chefs. Here at Phuket you will find innumerable Sea Food restaurants where you can have squids, lobsters, crabs, small sharks, prawns and other diverse sea collection. To help determine which seafood restaurant is the best just remember a rule of thumb, the one crowded with the most locals is guaranteed to be delicious.

Karon Beach Phuket, Thailand

Kata & Karon Beaches:

If you’re tired of the daily grind your life and wish to embark onto a soul fuelling excursion then Kata & Karon beaches are a great way to do it. Offering the unique opportunities of snuggling on onto a live BBQ or a hand in hand stroll with your loved one during the sunset are simply amazing.

Here at Kata & Karon beaches you are dazzled with the mellowest cocktails, coconut juices, Thai handicrafts being sold and other beach excursions. These beaches offer you with some wonderful opportunities where you are guaranteed great privacy and luxury for the newlywed this is a great added incentive.

After the sunset get ready to head to some fine restaurant which garners the best crowds from all around the region. Mingle and socialize with the hottest crowd and loosen up with some fine vodka shots. The tracks and beats coupled by powerful woofers and DJs add up to the nightlife, so book your flights to Thailand now.

Tiger at Phuket Zoo

Phuket Zoo:

If you’re down in Phuket with family then heading to the Phuket Zoo might sound like a great idea. The place has a diverse collection of animals like crocodiles, elephant, monkeys, a giant aquarium and a heartwarming bird collection. Head to this place if you’re traveling with kids or even otherwise, the place definitely merits a visit.

Orchid Garden Phuket, Thailand

Phuket Orchid Garden:

For those with a sense of blossoming flowers and orchids, Phuket Orchid Garden is a must visit. The place also has a traditional Thai village which is not only very enlightening but also very indulging. If you head here during the right time of the year you would also see some local cultural shows which are simply a source of great entertainment. From displays of traditional local weddings to Thai Kickboxing to sword fights to fingernail dances, this is a must head, so get your cheap flight deals now.

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