General Traveling Tips

There may be no other substitute excitement to traveling, but only if it is planned and executed properly. Here are a few things that you would not want to learn the hard way:

  • Before setting off for a destination, do check if your passport has enough time before it expires.

  • Do a little browsing about the country you are heading off to, just to know a thing or two about the culture, customs and people of that area, so as to avoid offending them in any way.

  • Make sure to have the recommended vaccines for that area.

  • Keep water purifying tablets or any other filtering device that comes in handy.

  •  It is always wise to keep in some anti-nausea and anti-diarrhea medications while traveling or any other medication that may be necessary,

  • Make sure you‘re not carrying any sharp devices or fluids over 50mls in your hand-carry luggage.

  • Do check the electric voltage specifications for the country you’re traveling to incase it is different from your home country.

  • It is always good to get travel insurance for your trip and yourself. Once you do that, be vigilant with securing the documents….always helps when in trouble.

  • Do give a copy of your itinerary to friends and family and do not forget to inform them in case you decide to go with any change of plans so that they may keep track of your whereabouts.

  • If you’re traveling to a destination that does not support your mobile phone connection, get a local connection ASAP!

  • Do check about the security situation of the destination you’re flying to. For instance Afghanistan is still under a war-like situation, so it’s better to keep track of the safety situation of your travel destination.

  • Some destinations have a very unreliable weather, so be sure to know the sort of clothing that you may need.

  • Some cultures and hence areas do not permit or tend to dislike certain types of clothing or activities alien to their norms. It’s always better to know what the locals may or may not permit, in order to avoid any unpleasant circumstances.

The above are some of the tips that should be kept in mind, generally, for traveling to any destination in the world. Let’s have a look at a more categorized list of tips.

Travel trips for Cruise lovers

If you have a passion for cruising and sailing activities, here are a few trips that can help you fish out a perfect cruising trip.

  • Do not over look the cruise ship itself. Many make a mistake while choosing a cruise trip, for they tend to concentrate more on the destination of the cruise (Mexico, Caribbean etc) than the ambience and facilities provided on the cruise. Do not skip these details, for they will have an effect on your entire trip.

  • Book well in time. It’s always wise not to leave a booking for the eleventh hour. Booking well in advance is more likely to earn you a discount.

  • Book cabins as luxurious as you can afford. If the idea of cruising for you is to spoil yourself with some princely treatment, nothing less than a cabin with a private veranda that allows for sea sounds while you curl up in the bed, would do. Even if you’re planning a corporate meeting on the cruise, comfort and elegance are always a value-addition.

  • Pack right and pack light. At times luggage gets misplaced or reaches your cabin after a prolonged wait. So make sure to keep the most instant and important things in a light weight bag that you may be able to carry yourself instead of waiting for the staff to cruise it in for you….they are not always dependable you know!

  • Make sure to first, secure life jackets from the cruise staff and secondly, place them such that they are easily reachable whenever you might need them.

  • Be smart while tipping. Giving tips is mostly entirely up to the guest. Instead of tipping the staff at the goodbye-time, it would be rather wise to keep tipping them in small bits through the entire journey. This way your waiter is more likely to serve you the most chilled beer on ship or take extra care of your privacy.

Travel tips for the love birds

  • Spend a lot of time either searching on the internet or asking friends for an ideally romantic destination (countries) that should suite your style and taste. Do not rush; as million of options would tempt you but a romantic trip is the one that can least afford carelessness.

  • One thing is certain; a romantic tour can simply not do without having privacy. So we advise you to turn off your permanent cell number till the time you’re on a trip with your special someone. Instead, switch to a temporary number and give it out only to few family members or friends, whoever may be more reliable yet less intruding!

  • Don’t plan any surprises in case you’re heading for a honeymoon trip. Honeymoons are different; they come once only, unlike other romantic tours that can be repeated every now and then. So carefully plan your trip with your spouse and a travel agent, as we suggest, and select a mutually acceptable destination. After all you do not want to start off your married life with a “Disastrous honeymoon” tag!

  • Luxury adds more value and flavor to romanticism, so the princelier and pampering the trip the more blossomy romance is likely to become. Be very careful in choosing your airline travel and also the hotel that you would be staying at…”luxury” is what it should slogan.

  • Weather undoubtedly has a great impact on ones mood. Be sure not to end up spoiling a meant-to-be-romantic tour by planning it during a wrong season. You don’t want your romance to melt down your face or freeze to become a “romance cream”...Do you?!!!

Adventure Traveling Tips

  • Always keep a first aid kit with you when ever you set off for an adventure trip.

  • In the case you’re seeking adventure, it is highly recommended that you either get a life or a health insurance before setting off, since accidents are more likely to occur with adventurous or thrill activities.

  • Here is a useful tip for women interested in trekking or hiking; gender-specific boots are specially designed for a comfortable yet adventurous experience, do carry them along. 

  •  Generally, it is safer to carry out your thrilling and heart throbbing activities before the sun light fades out, but if you’re a night hawk, be sure to take along all the required lighting devices that you may need.

  • Do not forget to take along insect repellents, bag packs, anti allergies, cut knife, compass and toilet rolls if you’re going for camping.

  • Carefully selecting a bag pack for an adventurous trip is very important. It should have multiple pockets, padded shoulder straps, and should be able to rest on your waste-bag….a comfortable bag pack is a blessing while on an adventurous trip.

  • Definitely get the vaccines required for that particular destination. 

  • It’s always safer to be accompanied by a travel guide if you’re traveling to a new destination and especially if the local language is different from what you speak. This would save you a lot of hassle.

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